What is Coaching?

Coaching psychology is a field focused on the scientific study of happiness and well-being. As your wellness coach, I will help you map out and achieve your goals so you can create your best life possible. Any self-improvement goal you want to reach is fair game. During the coaching process, your confidence will increase. You will learn how to create healthy habits that will have a remarkably positive impact on your life!


I partner with clients who are seeking self-directed, lasting changes that are aligned with their values, promote health & wellness and enhance well-being. If you are seeking an improved quality of life, simply more out of life and are ready to put in the work coaching is for you!


To ensure that we have time to create a new lifestyle of sustainable change, I ask my clients to commit to a minimum of three months of coaching. One-on-One coaching programs are offered in both 3-month and 6-month commitments. Most clients achieve the greatest results from an initial six-month program. That being said, coaching is not a service that requires a lifelong commitment. After three or six months, together we will determine your needs for ongoing coaching. I want you to not need me! The ultimate goal is that at the end of our three or six months together, you have acquired the habits, skills and confidence to continue on the path to living a life of sustainable happiness. The lifelong benefits of coaching will inspire you to continue live your best life possible.

What types of coaching are available?

One-On-One Coaching

One-On-One Coaching is exclusive individual coaching with Lori for maximum accountability and results. Your one-to-one sessions are conducted over the phone which helps to utilize your time and ensure the best results. Individual coaching is the most effective way to identify the life you would love to be leading, the motivation to keep on track and the accountability and expertise to ensure you finally get there.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is perfect for small groups with similar goals, challenges or lifestyles. Group coaching gives you the support of other like-minded individuals and expert coaching and guidance…perfect for mindset shifts or other lifestyle goals. This style of coaching allows you to collaborate, learn and grow alongside others.

Corporate Wellness

Maintenance Coaching

Corporate wellness programs are available for companies of all sizes that are looking to improve their employee’s overall health and happiness. Investing in company wellness has been shown to improve employee productivity, employee focus, decrease insurance costs, decrease absenteeism and increase overall team work.

After you have completed a coaching program, Passport 2 Wellness offers complete flexibility in creating an on-going maintenance program that allows you to scale back on the frequency of sessions. This allows you to stay on track with continued accountability while achieving your own goals.