A little bit about me...

For more than 20 years, I have been working in the fitness and wellness industry. Over the course of time, I’ve come to realize that most people know the basics of health. They know what they “should” be doing to reach their optimal health. The problem is life gets in the way, it’s too overwhelming, they don’t know where to start or they are lacking the accountability they need to gently push them towards their vision and goals. The best health professional can’t help them if they are not ready for change. This is why I’ve decided to become a Certified Health and Wellness Wellcoach and create Passport 2 Wellness, LLC.


My education and over 23 years experience have prepared me with the knowledge and expertise to help you.

• Owner and Founder of Passport 2 Wellness, LLC and Fit Energy, LLC
• Certified Wellcoach
• National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist
• American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer 
• Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

As a young teen, I had an over awareness of my body that reared its ugly head as an eating disorder. This shift between binge eating disorder, bulimia and back again took its toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally. During this time with the help of a good therapist, I gained awareness that the childhood traumas I endured were not normal. Food had become my coping mechanism. Through the ups and downs of my food/sugar addiction, body dysmorphia, anxiety and depression I was finally able to overcome these deep and dark struggles. As an old soul trapped in a young adolescent body, I remember reading “You can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay dreaming of a healing that would take years of hard work, determination and persistence. That long, challenging road of 15+ years led me to the recovery I had dreamt of...from surviving to thriving!

Since my recovery, I’ve always known that my purpose here on this earth is to inspire others to overcome obstacles by incorporating mindfulness, movement and other wellness principles into the journey of health and happiness. I energize my clients so they can kick the ineffective quick fixes and trade them in for achievement of optimum wellness for the long haul. I passionately believe that every aspect of life improves when you are functioning with peak emotional and physical energy and health. My passion is helping others find their true potential by creating a mindset that changes the impossible into a thriving reality. 

Now as a woman in her mid-life, with my own life experiences I understand how to stay on track through the planned and unexpected transitions we encounter in our daily lives. My journey is not over! It still continues as I strive to be a better person in all aspects of my life day in and day out.