Passport 2 Wellness Retreats

Vacations created with YOU in mind combining wellness with world travel.

Are you ready for an amazing adventure?

Picture yourself on a vacation where:

You will be welcomed with open arms

You can travel solo or bring a friend

You will be surrounded by like-minded souls that want to experience as much of world as possible, while having fun and sharing wellness goals.

You won’t have to plan every detail and will even have time for yourself, if you choose.

You will feel renewed and refreshed all while stepping outside of your comfort zones.

You will form connections and perhaps make friendships that will last a lifetime while creating unforgettable memories.

These are small group intimate wellness retreats.

Our group size is between 6-10 depending on the location and retreat.

Join me on the next adventure and start your journey of filling your “Passport 2 Wellness”

Passport 2 Wellness Presents:

Marathon, Greece

September 26 - October 2, 2024